Wednesday, January 11, 2012

O.P. Bungalow, Chaweng

O.P. Bungalow, Chaweng

The location is easy to find, directly where the one way system in Chaweng starts and has been around since 1986. It was one of the early resorts in Chaweng to be around.

It's a fairly basic resort but still in the middle of the action but because it's a little bit tucked away, it's quiet. The part of the beach it's located at is nice and is known to have volley ball games on each evening.

I know this resort since a long time and have been there plenty of times. There are lots of restaurants and bars around, just outside of the resort.

The resort has a very lush garden set up all the way down to the beach, relaxing and easy going.

If you're in for a basic but good resort located directly at the beach in Chaweng, OP Bungalow may be just for you.

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