Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Treasure, Koh Matsum

The Treasure has now become 'U Koh Madsum', please follow the link for a review.

This resort is very special since it's the only commercial building on the small island of Koh Matsum, off the Southern Koh Samui coast. There are no atm's, fast food chains, shopping centers, cars, or even private residences on Koh Matsum. This is as secluded as you can get. 
In front of the resort is a beautiful , albeit slightly rocky, beach and the 36 rooms have all the convenience you can think of. Well, maybe not all the TV channels that you want but that's not why you came to this secluded island to start with, right!
It starts with a 20 minute boat ride from the mainland and from arriving on the island until you leave, it's tranquility all over the place. 

Want to feel like a modern Robinson Crusoe with all modern day convenience, this is your best bet around Koh Samui with affordable prices, your exclusive getaway.

Booking by AGODA


The Treasure, guest rooms

Guest rooms

The Treasure, guest room 

Guest room

  The Treasure, guest room view

Guest room view

The Treasure, pool

Guest room view

The Treasure, beach

The beach

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