Tuesday, May 28, 2013

P10 Samui, Bang Rak

P10 Samui, Bang Rak

This hotel is about 1 year old by now and stands out in the middle of Bang Rak, opposite the Petcherat pier.
It's 18 duplex rooms are very comfy and have a bathroom/shower on each floor. What makes it really special is that you can jump straight from your room into the pool. 
The hotel is not located at a beach, but if you cross the rod and walk down the Petcherat pier, you the Bang Rak beach stretching out to your left and right, not the best on Samui but a nice, fairly narrow but quiet beach.
Bang Rak has plenty of restaurants, a few bars, small supermarkets, the Seatran pier with the ferry to Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, a market next to the Seatran pier and it's near the airport.

A good location and ideal for a stay before or after the Full Moon party, f it fits in your budget. Pries are medium ranged.

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Guest room


View from above

Private decks overlooking the pool